About Us

Founded in 2015 by Frederic Legrand, HorsebackRiding.gift envisions to garnish the passion of horsemanship by giving beautiful expressions to the love for horses. With a competitive specialization in defining and showcasing creative ideas, and an ever-growing love for horses, Fred has been directing the organization in delivering exclusive ranges of gifting expressions for horse riders, and especially horse lovers.

An exquisite expression of the indefinable love for horses!

A vibrant house of gifting expressions headquartered in New York, HorsebackRiding.gift has been unveiling and presenting ingeniously picked-out gifts for all horse fans, led by Fred’s constant strive to explore unique equestrian themed gifts.

We present you an array of elegance-inspiring, artistic collection of gifts; ranging from horse riding gloves, vibrant hat covers for riding, to equestrian socks, to simply complete your personality. We also offer a range of smartly designed horse themed clothing & apparels, comprising of suits in different styles and sizes.

We also present a specially crafted range of clothing and accessories for teenage horse lovers. It combines fun polo shirts, horse-themed hoodies, and fashionable jewelries. We also have an excellent range of bath and body care.

After all, horsemanship is not only a passion, it’s an attitude carried only by some special people, who doesn’t believe it as merely an event, but wears it on their sleeves as a part of their personality.