Cremation Urn, Funeral Urn, Horsehair Raku Pottery, Keepsake, Memory or Treasury Urn, Pet Urn, SacredUrns by Susan Fontaine Pottery


8″ tall including finial candle top and 8″ wide. This elegant classical urn will hold up to about 195 lbs. $7 FLAT DOMESTIC SHIPPING living weight of ashes. It also would make a beautiful decorative piece for your home. I threw the piece on the wheel with Grolleg porcelain and then burnished it well with a fine terra sigillata before bisque firing and second firing in a Raku kiln. I then applied Horsehair and sugar granules within a narrow window of time when the pot was removed from the fire to achieve the desired visual effects. This pot has been sealed with an acrylic sealer to enhance the sheen and durability. Horsehair Raku is a particular beautiful art form that was not intended for functional food use. 2 tea candles included with purchase. Wooden base is sold separately for $20.

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