The Riding Teacher

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First published in 1973 and reprinted many times, The Riding Teacher is an invaluable aid for all instructors and also for riders teaching themselves. Colonel Podhajsky examines in depth the psychology of riding and the relationship between teacher, pupil and horse. He includes chapters on the basic theory of riding; dressage; systematic riding instruction; overcoming difficulties and setbacks and participating in competitions. Now considered a classic of equestrian literature, The Riding Teacher should be read by everyone seriously interested in classical riding principles. In her foreword Sylvia Loch says “If every riding instructor, examiner and competitor were to purchase and inwardly digest this the last of Podhajsky’s books, we would all appreciate many happier horses and a higher standard of equitation throughout the land.” Colonel Podhajsky was considered to be a great riding teacher and a fine competitor whose skill and elegance made him one of the most accomplished horsemen of the post-war era. He was an Olympic Games medallist and a Director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

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